2013 Canine Assistants IT Initiative
The Good News: We Are Growing!

The bad news: we are struggling to keep up with

  • 2,500 applications on file
  • 250 current volunteers
  • 13,000+ donors
  • 1,300 dogs placed
  • and much more.

You Can Help

It is time for us to make donating, applying, volunteering, and our general administrative duties as easy and efficient as possible. Doing this will require considerable work and cost. Clearbuilt Technologies has sponsored Canine Assistants for over 15 years and they will deliver the very best system, we simply need the funding. So we are creating the Canine Assistants IT Initiative to fund our IT needs by the end of 2013.

Below, we have provided a brief description of the system that will be developed. This should give you an idea of just how important this will be for us. We desperately need these tools and are asking for your help.

Initiative Features

No Paper

Reduce the amount of paper used by Canine Assistants in the normal, ongoing business operations as well as in the storage of archived information by 80%.

Centralized Data

The system should initially contain at least 60% of all Canine Assistants data.


The system will be optimized for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone sized screens.

Learning System

The system will assign and track learning programs to users. Start with at least:
• 2 staff teaching videos
• 2 volunteer teaching videos
• 1 system teaching video
• 1 recipient refresher video


The following lists all of the people that will be positively impacted by this Initiative.

  • Staff
  • Donors
  • Applicants
  • Recipients
  • Volunteers
  • Instructors
  • Breeders
  • Fosters
  • Vets
  • Noah’s teams
  • Friends of Canine
  • Class registrants
  • Sponsors
  • Sponsored organizations
  • Vendors

Use Case – Volunteer

The following demonstrates a typical use of the system by a volunteer. We could provide many different examples, but we hope this one will be enough to get you as excited as we are at the possibilities.

Volunteer Enters Hours and Registers for a Class from iPhone

  1. A volunteer selects a shortcut link on their iPhone to enter their hours and number of people reached for a presentation they just gave
  2. They leave the default date of today, the default time of 1 hour, and enter 42 for people reached
  3. A confirmation shows on the screen
  4. They then select to view their dashboard and see a note of an ongoing learning requirement
  5. They select to view a list of available classes that meet that learning requirement
  6. The first class is full. The next class has 3 spots left.
  7. The volunteer clicks to register for that class
  8. They are shown a confirmation screen with a link to add that to their calendar and/or email the information to their email address on record
  9. The day before the class the volunteer receives a reminder via text since that is their preferred notification method as indicated in their user settings in the portal

About Canine Assistants

Canine Assistants is a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to individuals who have physical disabilities, seizure conditions, or other special needs. The organization has been part of the non-profit community since 1991. Approximately 96% of all donations are directed towards their various programs and sponsorships.

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