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During the past 20 years, Canine Assistants has visited thousands of schools to help kids understand disabilities. Soon our education teams may be accompanied by a spokesdog with a disability, "Pirelli", a golden retriever born without a paw.

Pirelli is currently on the waiting list for a new procedure which will replace his missing paw with a permanent prosthetic foot. Imagine the impact Pirelli will have on students when he enters the classroom and says in his own way, "Let's redefine normal!" The goal of Canine Assistants' education program has always been to teach children that disabilities don't have people, people have disabili-ties. We are all the same on the inside despite how we may appear from the outside. Pirelli will emphatically emphasize our message to the kids with his pros-thetic foot and happy dog behavior on display for all to see. "Forget the foot. Love me, I'm a dog!" is a perfect example of how everyone should approach disabilities and we are excited Pirelli will soon be helping us spread the word!

The implantation of Pirelli's prosthesis will be done at the veterinary school at North Carolina State University when Pirelli is one year of age. The uniqueness of his surgery is the prosthesis will be implanted into his leg bone so there will be no padding or straps to secure the implant. Once the bone has integrated into the prosthetic implant it will be permanent and Pirelli will only need the occasional retread "paw" with wear from walking.

To make Pirelli's surgery possible, we are introducing "Fund-A-Foot"; a fundraising drive to pay for Pirelli's surgery and aftercare. This special fund will go towards the cost of surgery, travel, x-rays, CAT scans, exams and replacement treads for life. Please help us take our educational program to the next level by helping Pirelli get a new paw. Please "Fund-A-Foot" if you can!

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