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The Giving Foundation is proud to announce that in addition to their 18th annual Golf Tournament on Monday, September 29th at the Standard Club (John's Creek) they will introduce the inaugural Tennis Tournament held at the same venue. The Gala and Silent & Live Auction will be held on Saturday, October 11th at the Metropolitan Club, Alpharetta.

Help make both events a big success by registering your foursomes, reserving a table for the evening Gala and donating items for the silent or live auctions.

Contact Frances to donate items @ (678) 469-5588 or visit The Giving Foundations' website to register your foursome and/or purchase tickets to the gala.


(from Canine Assistant's Facebook page)

DATE: 30 Jan 2015
Pirelli picks a Superbowl winner this morning on 11Alive! Watch Now!

Pirelli predicts the Super Bowl winner
11Alive Hope and Weather mascot Pirelli thinks the Seattle Seahawks will win this year's Super Bowl.

DATE: 30 Jan 2015
Happy faces on a happy Friday! #TGIF

DATE: 29 Jan 2015
Welcome to the grooming table. So, which way do you part your hair?

DATE: 28 Jan 2015
To ensure that our dogs get along with a future brother or sister (a recipient's pet) we help them make friends. Everybody needs a friend #celebratethebond

DATE: 27 Jan 2015
It starts with them sleeping at your feet. Pretty soon you are "allowed" 10 inches of space and get a disapproving grunt when you try and move.

DATE: 23 Jan 2015
The Doodle. At Canine Assistants we work with Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Goldendoodles. Often, we mix a little of everything. Most importantly we have happy, healthy dogs who are ready to love. Happy Friday.

DATE: 21 Jan 2015
When mom bought the car, she told me I would have as much room as I wanted, knowing how I value my space. Then she told me that I was getting a brother.

DATE: 20 Jan 2015
Thanks to our partner Elanco,our dogs are visiting with over 15,000 veterinarians at the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando. #celebratethebond

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15th Annual
Tee It Up Fore Kids
Golf Event
Mon, Oct 17

15th Annual
Tee It Up Fore Kids
Live/Silent Auction Gala

Sat, Oct 22
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