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K-9 Kids Reading Program - limited to the Atlanta area

K-9 Kids Reading ProgramTails are wagging at the success of K-9 Kids! As part of our motivational reading program, Canine Assistants service dogs and representatives visit several schools throughout the metro Atlanta area each week during the school year to listen to the children read. Children who are uncomfortable reading in front of their peers for fear that they might make a mistake are quite at ease reading in front of a dog. Dogs are both supportive and nurturing and give children the confidence to overcome challenges in reading. In addition to overall academic achievement, motivation, self-esteem, and confidence in reading skyrocket with the help of the dogs.

The public has also taken a keen interest in K-9 Kids, with segments airing on NBC News with Tom Brokaw and CNN. Canine Assistants is proud to utilize our service dogs as academic ambassadors for children in the Atlanta area, and we look forward to expanding K-9 Kids to other schools in the near future.

For more information about our K-9 Kids Reading Program, please contact:

Dr. Melissa Loree, Director of Education
770-664-7178, ext. 205

If you are interested in bringing K-9 Kids to your school,
CLICK HERE for application.

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