Service Dog/Recipient Sponsorship

Canine Assistants does not charge for the services we provide to recipients, so we must raise all funds necessary to support the placement of our service dogs.  Service dog sponsorships are instrumental in covering the costs associated with training, boarding, lifetime medical care, and placement of a service dog with an individual who has a physical disability or other special need.  Aftercare is our fastest growing cost and greatest need as it relates directly to the health and well being of our recipients and their service dogs.  Canine Assistants commitment to cover the medical, food and training costs for the life of every service dog placed is perhaps our greatest asset but it is also our greatest obstacle.  With an average annual aftercare cost of $1,000 per dog (not including those who have major medical costs such as ACL, obstruction and dental surgeries, which can cost up to $5,000), we need considerable help to continue our mission.

A Complete Care Sponsorship is the highest sponsorship level that Canine Assistants offers to donors.  We named it such because it covers the cost of both Service Dog and Recipient Camp sponsorships as well as ongoing aftercare including food and veterinary costs.  Service dog and training camp sponsorships are setup to insure no monetary costs are passed on to our recipients.  The donor that is willing to commit to a Complete Care Sponsorship will have trained, fed, raised and provided both routine and catastrophic medical care for the entire life of a service dog.  This commitment also makes it possible for an individual to attend our Recipient Camp, a mandatory step in receiving a service dog from our organization.

Complete Care Sponsorship Budget

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