Forms and Applications

Applying For A Canine Assistants Dog – FAQ


  • Children and adults throughout the country are welcome to apply.
  • Once we receive your application, we will contact you within 4 weeks to discuss your application and conduct an interview. If it is determined that one of our dogs would be of benefit to you, you will then be placed on our waiting list.
  • Our waiting list is over 5 years.
  • Your position on the waiting list is determined according to need, rather than simply on the time the application is received.
  • While there are no age restrictions, you are evaluated on the appropriateness to benefit from one of our dogs. Each situation is considered on an individual basis.
  • All of our dogs are placed free of charge.
  • Based upon financial need, assistance may be provided for after care, including veterinary treatment, food and medication.
  • Once you are selected from the waiting list, you will be required to come to our facility in Milton, GA to to participate in a two week recipient camp. A care giver or family member who can assist you during the training process will also be required to attend. Following successful completion of our recipient camp, you will become the recipient of a dog that best suits your needs and personality and return home with him or her.
  • If necessary, Canine Assistants can provide financial aid to cover the expenses associated with attending the recipient camp, such as travel, meals, and lodging.


Who can apply?
Any child or adult in the United States who has a physical disability, seizure condition or other special need is able to apply.
What types of dogs do you train?
We primarily work with Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers, along with a few others such as Poodle mixes.
How old are the dogs when they are placed?
Most of our dogs are approximately a year and a half of age when they are placed with a recipient.
Can I have other pets at home?
Yes, we place our dogs with recipients who have other pets at home, such as dogs, cats, birds, etc.
Do I need a fenced in yard?
A recipient is not required to have a fenced in yard yet it is preferable.
Can I purchase a dog?
No, our dogs are simply placed with recipients based on their status on our waiting list and free of charge. Dog sponsorships (which cover the care and training of our dogs) are always welcome yet will not alter an applicant’s position on our waiting list as they are assigned in order of need.
Can you train my dog?
No, we train our own dogs and provide them to those in need. We are not able to provide training for your own dog. Yet, you may wish to visit the Pet Partner’s website at to find a trainer or organization in your area that could assist you. Simply click on the link for Service Animals and search their Service Dog Trainer Directory alphabetically or by state. Be sure to look for the phrase “own animal”, which indicates training is provided for your own dog.