june 2017 camp-28Canine Assistants offers service dogs to recipients in need at no cost if they cannot afford to care for their dog on a long term basis. Many of our recipients either live off social security benefits alone or spend an enormous amount on medical bills. Our wish is for our service dogs to be a helpful and welcomed part of their life, not a financial burden.

Our aftercare costs for our service dogs are extremely unpredictable and depending on the severity of the injury or disorder, they can cost Canine Assistants thousands of dollars. While most of recipients do visit veterinarians that offer discounts, the bills can start to add up.

Canine Assistants has had up to 108 service dogs at one time covered on the financial aid program who receive everything from dog food and vaccinations to emergency veterinary visits and major surgery such as cruciate repairs and removal of tumors.

Your donations help recipients like Emily:

Callie has assisted me in many ways – The very first thing was allowing me to have more independence after I received her.  I still lived with my parents when I and was not able to sleep in a room by myself before her.  After bringing her home, I was able to sleep in my own room with her by my side. She would let my parents know if I was having a seizure by either barking or going to the room they were in and they would come check on me and see I was having one.

Before I got married, Callie would go with me every day to work.  She was actually able to let my coworker I shared an office with know when I was having a seizure, even if I was not in the room.  One time she was barking my coworker thought she needed to go outside, but when she let Callie out of her kennel and put her leash on her, she led her to where I was in of the stairways having a seizure. 

When I had health issues with my digestive system in 2015 and was in the ICU, I was not allowed to have any visitors with me even if it was my husband or mother.  But when the hospital was told I have a service dog for my seizures, Callie was permitted to be in the ICU with me and one of my family members had to bring her back and be there with her while she assisted me. I thank you and Canine Assistants again for being able to receive her and everything Canine Assistants does!


As you can see, when you support Canine Assistants, you are not only funding the daily care and teaching of our service dogs.  You are providing our recipients and their loved ones a priceless new member of the family.

We simply cannot do it alone…we need your help.  Our work is funded entirely by people just like you.  Those who have a passion for helping others and the dogs who give them unconditional love, assistance and companionship.

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