Our Staff

For general information,
please contact us at:

For general questions about Canine Assistants or Bond-Base Choice Teaching , please contact:
Shannon Arnold
770-664-7178 ext. 201

For information on obtaining a Canine Assistant or recipient camp scheduling, contact:
Theresa Martin, Recipient Services Coordinator and Bookkeeper
770-664-7178 ext. 203

For information on donations, sponsorships, fundraising, social media
and other financial matters, contact:
Grace Murphy, Director of Development
770-664-7178 ext. 202

For media requests or comments/questions for our
Executive Director, Jennifer Arnold, please contact:
Darlene  Perales
770-664-7178 ext. 223

For information on volunteering, please contact
Simon Robson, Volunteer Coordinator
770-664-7178 ext. 224

For questions pertaining to dogs currently in service or to reach our After Care department, please contact:
Meghan Hopkins, After Care Coordinator
770-664-7178 ext. 204

For more information on our National Volunteer Program, please contact:
Sue Harrison
Director of National Volunteer Services

770-664-7178 ext. 219

For information about financial aid or recipient financial requests or the Nursery , please contact:
Lauren Nour, Financial Aid Coordinator and Nursery Director
770-664-7178 ext. 210

For more information on veterinary services or to make a veterinary appointment, please contact:
Jenn Ennis, Veterinary Assistant
770-664-7178 ext. 211

Dog Staff

Emily Brna, Instructor
770-664-7178 ext. 208

 Miranda Yates, Instructor
770-664-7178 ext. 218

Karen Casto, Facility Placements
770-664-7178 ext. 209